SQL Server Filestream vs Filetables for storing documents.

There has been numerous talk about using NoSQL as a stable system for document management and Data mining for large datasets that scale to terabytes on the backend. Aligned with that, SQL Server 2014 has a new playfield called Filetables. Though there are some contrasting differences between how NoSQL handles unstructured as well as document kind of data vs what SQL Server relational structure can do, FileTables are as promising as an option there can be for storing/updating and retrieving document streams (files). This is a type of file system that has schema and stores relevant information for document such as file location, type, name, file stream etc.

Here are some differences from the MSDN itself that give a very quick overview of the differences.

Feature File Server and Database Solution FILESTREAM Solution FileTable Solution
Single story for management tasks No Yes Yes
Single set of services: search, reporting, querying, and so forth No Yes Yes
Integrated security model No Yes Yes
In-place updates of FILESTREAM data Yes No Yes
File and directory hierarchy maintained in the database No No Yes
Windows application compatibility Yes No Yes
Relational access to file attributes No No Yes